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  • Rossi, Michele - PhD, Assistant Professor. Email: rossi at dei dot unipd dot it, Web-pages
  • Badia, Leonardo - PhD, Assistant Professor. Web-pages
  • Asterjadhi, Alfred - Former CFR member, now working at Qualcomm
  • Castellani, Paolo - Former CFR member, now working at Tesan


  • Georgiadis, Apostolos - PhD. Email: apostolos dot georgiadis at cttc dot cat, Web-pages
  • Vázquez, Miguel Ángel - Researcher. Web-pages
  • Ibars, Christian - PhD. Former CTTC member. Now working at Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA, US. Linked-in profile
  • Stamatiou, Konstantinos - PhD. Former CFR member and former CTTC member. Web-pages

Patavina Technologies (PT)

  • Vangelista, Lorenzo - CEO, founder. Email: lorenzo dot vangelista at patavinatech dot com. Web-pages
  • Manfrin, Riccardo - Senior Engineer. Web-pages
  • Dissegna, Moreno - Senior Engineer. Web-pages
  • Bressan, Nicola - MSc. Former CFR member. Now working at PT, Web-pages
  • Bui, Nicola - former CEO of PT, now working at IMDEA. Web-pages

WorldSensing (WS)

  • Vilajosana, Ignasi - CEO. Email: ivilajosana at worldsensing dot com. Web-pages
  • Vilajosana, Xavier - Senior Engineer. Web-pages
  • Llosa Melich, Jordi - Senior Engineer. Web-pages
  • Carlos Pacho, Jose - Senior Engineer. Web-pages
  • Martinez, Borja - Senior Engineer. Web-pages

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