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Welcome to the SWAP Project!

SWAP prototype (hybrid-powered sensor node, RF + solar)

The final prototype is described in the deliverable D43 - final prototype


The SWAP project has been selected by the European Commission as a success story!

Read the full article (published on the Horizon 2020 Website on March 1, 2014)


The Consortium

The SWAP consortium involves strong partners from academia (CFR), a public research center (CTTC) as well as two ICT companies (World Sensing and Patavina Technologies), all with a solid understanding of wireless sensor systems, from their protocol/hardware design to the implementation and testing phases. In the last few years, all partners have been heavily involved in several flagship EU initiatives as well as in industrial and local projects.

Contacts: Dr. Apostolos Georgiadis (project leader) and/or Prof. Michele Rossi


SWAP Objectives

In a nutshell: the main goal of the SWAP project is that of designing, implementing and ultimately testing a new breed of wireless sensor nodes with energy scavenging capabilities. Our design will include novel energy scavenging hardware as well as network protocols and algorithms.

Most innovative aspects of the project: first of all, SWAP aims at studying and realizing a novel sensor board which exploits removable energy source by means of harvesting systems. This platform will enable multiple harvesting systems to be inter-changed, in order to provide the best solution for many different environments. A novel protocol suite will be studied, including the most energy-efficient techniques from the state of the art and, also taking into consideration the issues related to the energy availability offered by harvesting systems. The entire design process will be assisted by validating mechanisms, such as simulation campaign and components prototyping. The final sensor board will be made available to both scientific organizations and commercial companies.


Marie Curie IAPP

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 251557. SWAP is a European project funded under the Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) program. This program promotes the collaboration between research and commercial partners. It covers expenses for training personnel, secondments, organizing workshops and conferences, pursuing medium/long-term joint work.